3 years ago, Dinhatex USA set up the LA office with the goal of being able to provide direct communication in real time for our buyers in the USA. Our Chief Executive Officer, Shaun Achadinha, is stationed in Los Angeles with the sole focus of developing and growing new business relationships.

Client payments, shipping and any necessary production clarifications are streamlined by operating our finance, shipping and select merchandising departments out of our LA office. Our proven systems of success have earned us an authoritative and influential position in the private label apparel production.

Having a local USA office has enabled us to make better use of our clients' time, eliminating the need for lists of potential suppliers or wasted weeks visiting suppliers that are not worth you or your team's time. We pride ourselves on having the best Sourcing intelligence at our fingertips as well as a proven track record of excellence, giving your company the ability to reduce costs and focus on sales and product development. We are a full partner in the entire process, meaning we help you reduce risk by ensuring that our suppliers have a proven track record and all the necessary US retailer approvals in place. While there is no silver bullet for managing risk in the global supply chain, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations for secure and successful production and management.


Dinhatex began in South Africa and still offers duty free production from many parts of this region including Lesotho, Kenya and several others. Although these offices will need a longer lead time, as all the fabric and trims comes from Asia, we offer highly competitive rates on synthetics or man made fibers. Duties into the USA range between 28%-33%, which can translate into significant savings for your company. We also have a full Merchandising Team and Quality Assurance in house.


Dinhatex Shanghai has become an icon in shipping product from China into the USA. We have carved out our position in this market with solid communication and by ensuring shipments are correct and on time. Merchandisers and QA's are stationed in our production facilities, which keeps you, the buyer, informed and updated on the status of your orders with WIP reports and weekly updated QA reports (customarily based on AQL 2.5 unless specified differently from the buyer). We ship everything, from knits to swimwear, for all major retailers in the USA.


Dinhatex Bangladesh offices are located in Dhaka. Over the years, we have become one of the most proficient Sourcing offices in the region. Dinhatex has developed great relationships with top manufacturers in Bangladesh. We continue to ship millions of pieces from the region, specializing in knits and woven apparel products. A full Merchandising and QA team are available from our BG office, as well as shipping to major retailers in the USA. Our commitment to professionalism is clear in our expert handling of follow up and communication with every client in this region.


Dinhatex India is based in Tirupur-- often referred to as the Knits Capital of India. We focus solely on knits in this region as it remains our source of well priced product. Once again, we have a full Merchandising Team and QA in our Tirupur offices. You, as our, buyer can rely on the weekly updates and superior correspondence Dinhatex is known for throughout the world.


There no substitute for well priced product offering quick turn around time. Our Central America offices offer a lead time of 6-8 weeks, an important component for our fast fashion clients concerned with speed to market. We work with the top factories from the region, focusing on the ability to turn product into money and fast deliveries for you. Our ability to source and build relationships with credible factories, who manufacture for companies like Gildan, Soffee, Hanes and others, means greater success for our clients.


Dinhatex USA has recently began manufacturing knitted headwear within our own facility. We believe strongly in the "Made in USA" brand and will continue to make strides and developments in this area. We offer quick turns and still remain competitive. Small quick turn production runs are available for our USA buyers. The response has been phenomenal and we are working around the clock to continue offering the best service as well as a holistic approach to Sourcing.